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Following the invitation of the Grail International community to start provosion of medical and social sevices in Mbarara Arch-Dioscese, Mushanga health center was started as a dispensary and Got its first medical license in 1957. Since the begining until today, the Grail has been incharge of the Health Unit.
At the begining, the dispensary started unde a tree with two expatriate staff, both belonging to the Grail International, Sr. Ans Van Hare (Dutch) and Sr. Friedel Steven(German).
Since its inception, the Health Center has gown to include the following services: OUT-Patient services, IN-Patient Services, Maternity/Delivery Services, Antenatal care services, Immunisation Services, Laboratory Services, Counselling Services, Eye Care Services ( on select Clinic days), Psychiatry Services, PMTCT/EMTCT(Elimination of Mother To Child Transmission of HIV), Community Based Health Care and Outreaches, Dental Care Services and Promotion of Natural Family Planning and TWERAGURIZE (Local Medical insurance for quick and easy access to Quality paid medical care)
To be the Leading and  Closest Povide of Qualty Health servicesfor the Glory of God
In faithfulness to the mission of Christ, we provide the proffessional and sustainable health services through partnershipto enable the population livetheir life to the full
The Health Center recieves about 25 Out-Patients, 3 IN-Patient and over 70 Postnatal clients, on average daily. However, the number is known to depend on season.
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Lord make me what you have destined me to be.