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The land on which the ST.ELIZABETH ORGANIC FARM NAKIREBE was acquired with an aim of creating a demonstration farm with the following objectives;
          1.To have enough food for the community
          2.To make it a self-sustainable agricultural venture by selling the surplus of its produces
          3.To establish a demonstration farm for organic farmers  
Following several trainings and farm visits under CADeP (Congregational Agriculture Development Education Program), our Nakirebe farm was proposed (by the trainers and funders) to become a demonstration farm. It was opened for the first crop season in August 2009 while preparing for animals to be placed on it.

Currently, the farm is maintained by 4 workers who work in the banana plantation, food and cash crop gardens and then take care of the four cows on zero grazing. The workers are supervised by Rose and Patricia who visit the farm on weekends and any time when need be. 

It also accommodates and facilitates the program of training the community members organic agriculture, community Health and life skill empowerment to fight domestic violence for a health and wealth community.
It has a fish pond under constrution with a future plan to rear fish since the place has enough water around. 

Banana Plantation
Banana Plantation
American Catholic Minute Meditations

Lord make me what you have destined me to be.