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Fr. Van Ginneken’s focus on laypeople was part of the wider Catholic Church’s turn to the lay apostolate, also sometimes called Catholic Action called upon by Pope Leo XIII in 1891.

The Women of Nazareth where formed with an intention of using laywomen’s extraordinary gifts in the battle to resolve the crisis in which the western society found itself. But he feared that the modern world with its many seduction would undercut the commitment required for the Women of Nazareth that goal. Fr. Van Ginneken therefore mandated a quasi-religious leadership for the lay group, “a fiery core” later to be called “
the Nucleus” who are trained much as nuns and make promises of Celibacy, Poverty and Obedience, putting all their lives, talents, energy and possessions fully at the disposal of The Grail.
The Grail Uganda is a member of The Grail International Movement, of Lay women rooted in the Catholic faith and committed to transform the world into a global community of love, justice and peace.
The Grail originally founded as
Society of the Women of Nazareth by Fr. Jaques Van Ginneken S.J (1877 -1945) on All Saints Day (1st November) in the year 1921. He was a Jesuit priest and internationally recognized linguist and a Professor at University of Nymegen (1923 - 1943). In addition to the Society of women of Nazareth that continues as a lay group, he founded Society of Women of Bethany which eventually became a congregation of Catholic sisters and the Crusaders of St. John which became a secular institution. The mission of all the three groups was the conversion of the world.
Rev. Fr. J Van Ginneken

The Grail in Uganda started in July 1953 at the invitation of His Grace Luis Joseph Cabana M. Afri (W.F), Apostolic Vicar of Uganda in 1952. During this same year of invitation, The Grail International leader Lydwine Van Kersbegen and her colleague Margaret Van Gilse came to visit Uganda and talk with the Archbishop about The Grail coming to give their services in the medical field first and later on in Social and Education fields.                Checkout our Centers fo more details:
Elizabeth Estencia Namaganda
1938 - 2012
After leaving Christ the King in 1957 which was the first school in the hand of The Grail, Elizabeth worked in Kampala as Assistant to Scottish Grail member, Joan Dilworth, participating in Grail work with women in villages, helping with women’s clubs and teaching. In 1958, she travelled to Grailville to begin a three year formation. She was spiritually enriched by Lydwine van Kersbergen; co-founder of The Grail.
In 1961, Elizabeth and Kevine travelled to the Netherlands where they each made their Dedication in the Nucleus of The Grail; they were the first Ugandan women to do so.
she become the Director of UCMTI in 1970 and continued working for the rest of her life till 12th June, 2012 when she RIP.


The Grail spirituality is of St. Ignatius of Loyola. It aims at bringing people closer to God and more deeply into the world with gratitude, passion and humility. It is the way discerning God’s presence in our everyday lives. Using spiritual exercises that open up dynamic or active process of prayer, meditation and self awareness, helps members to find God in all things. We dedicate our lives to God and live simply and be Jesus - like.


Winning souls for Christ.
Lord make me what you have
destined me to be.

We welcome mature girls who have a zeal of serving God in the three Catholic Vocations (Religious, Marriege and Single) from the  age of 18 years   to  35 years. An applicant must be an active Catholic with good Christian moral life and with good health. One should be with good secondary results. Senior six should have two principal passes or an equivalent. Those with professions and trained skills stand a better chance.
Final Profession(Dedication)
First Commitment

Currently, in Uganda, we are operating in three Dioceses namely:-  Kampala Archdiocese, Masaka Diocese and  Mbarara Archdiocese.

The Grail in found in the following Countries;
Australia, Brazil, Canada, German, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania,  Uganda, and USA.

American Catholic Minute Meditations
Lord make me what you have destined me to be.