Readings for Today
St. Michael Farm in Kishabya started running in 1999 under CADeP Pogramme with coffee, tea and livestock as the major activities of focus.
It has since grown to entail more farming  activities geared towards sustainability and envionment conservation and Protection.
The actities crried out at the Farm include the following:
1.Live stock including cows, goats and sheep. Most of the milk obtained from the cows is sold and some is kept for consumption by the community members.
3. Local chicken
4.Banana plantation
5. Forestry:
A eucalyptus tree plantaion geared towards environmental protection and conservation
6.Coffee and Tea plantations
7. Pineapple plantation
8. Vegetable Garden.
Banana Plantation.
Banana Plantation.
American Catholic Minute Meditations

Lord make me what you have destined me to be.